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Countless warriors followed them in worship. The smile on Jed's face froze. He slowly turned to look at the maid, Luo Ning.


Countless warriors followed them in worship. The smile on Jed's face froze. He slowly turned to look at the maid, Luo Ning. Luo Ning bit her lip, smiled at him sheepishly, and said shyly, "Jed, I am.." Elizabeth. Susu.. 。 Jed suddenly felt a little wet on his forehead, and a small drop of water ran down his cheek. The queen ignored the worship of the soldiers in the city and looked at him with hot eyes, which made his hair stand on end. At the gates, Baron Lear awoke from his consternation. Angrily, he raised his sword and roared, "Shoot, shoot, shoot her down!"! This is the trick of the Apia! The real Queen Elizabeth is dead! Elizabeth's sudden appearance is really too bad, she not only let the city garrison suddenly boost morale. It also created a legal obstacle to his own attack, because Queen Elizabeth was still the wife of the Grand Duke of Butanni, and her identity made it impossible for him to make an enemy of the Grand Duchess, so he could only denounce her as an evil demon and erase her true identity. The arrows shot into the sky like rain. "Protect the Queen!" Jed a loud cry, two people in a twinkling of an eye has moved to the city head, he raised his right hand, congealed fruit little girl's two embroidered shoes were taken into his own space ring,cold drawn tubes, and then jumped forward. He jumped down from the city, which was more than six feet high, and said, "Kill the enemy with me!" From beginning to end, Jed never looked Luo Ning in the face. Queen Elizabeth's eyes. With an arrow, he leaped from the city's head to the front of the glorious mujahideen. Punched and kicked a man into the enemy's line. Jed! Seeing him come back alive, she was so surprised and happy that before Celeste could come forward to say a word,stainless steel 304 pipes, she saw her sweetheart rushing into the enemy's line. Fearing that he might make a mistake, Celeste stamped her foot, raised her long sword with a sharp edge, and shouted, "Kill the enemy with me!" The bento rushed out of the gap in the wall first, followed by the highly motivated Apia soldiers. Shout ShaSheng magnificent mountains and rivers. Queen Elizabeth did not have time to exchange pleasantries with the high clergy. She hurried to the edge of the city, holding the arrow crenels and looking down. I saw Mr. Jedisaker, baring his teeth and brandishing his claws, rushing into the enemy line like a whirlwind, breaking through the waves and forging ahead with indomitable will. Like a tiger following behind his buttocks, he rushed away in a flash. The screams were drowned out by the earth-shaking roar of fighting. The Siergan garrison, which had been at a disadvantage in terms of numbers and combat power, completely grasped the initiative on the battlefield, and the Glorious Jihad Regiment began to retreat. Once an army loses the courage to fight, stainless steel tube 304 ,Cold Drawn Tubes, the number of people has no effect. Baron Lear clutched his sword and looked around eagerly, hoping that the battle would turn around, but he knew in his heart that the fate of defeat was irreversible, and that the sudden resurrection of the Queen of Apia and her arrival in such a strange way were too great a blow to the whole army. They have always claimed that they are on the right side and that the gods are on their side, but what does Queen Elizabeth's strange appearance mean now? How can ordinary soldiers have the courage to fight? Baron Lear shouted at the top of his voice and ordered the army to hold its ground, but the army was still in defeat. Once a large army is defeated, it will produce a strange phenomenon, that is, the lamb phenomenon. Even if a single person is being hunted, when the knife cuts his head, he will stop to resist, but when an army runs away, it is difficult to do so. The soldiers on both sides of the mixed with a chase a escape, the escape side few people stop to resist, but at the mercy of others, so once the army out of control, fear permeates the armed forces, there will be a strange scene of one hundred people chasing ten thousand people. Celeste, walking like an enclave, felt very sorry that her soldiers were also exhausted, and that the number of enemies was too large for such a one-sided massacre to last too long. If there is a great magician who is good at spiritual attack at this time to perform mass "fear", only one thousand people will be infected, and this atmosphere will spontaneously spread to ten thousand people, the enemy will no longer have the courage to escape, and can only be obediently slaughtered, then today's results will be very impressive. Baron Lear finally realized that there was nothing he could do. He gave up his command, turned his horse's head, and ran away with several priests around him through the frightened crowd. An unexpected miracle led to the victory of the Middle Route Army of the Kingdom of Apia, which should have been defeated. The Glorious Jihad Regiment was defeated like a mountain, with corpses everywhere and rivers of blood. Night fell, SiErGan city garrison has triumphantly, after the noise is a rare calm, ChengTou and garrison, there are spies outside the city, but at least the military common sense let everyone know that tonight they can sleep a peaceful sleep. Because a large number of troops once routed, is simply can not quickly gather, morale is not quickly recovered, if Baron Lear dare to now forcibly led an army like a frightened bird to attack, it can only be subjected to another massacre. Jed was very upset. He had been wandering outside the Queen's house for a long time, but he didn't dare to go in. To pursue and kill the enemy. He avoided the embarrassment of being with Elizabeth for the time being, but he would come back after all. First he received a warm welcome from the soldiers, and then he and Celeste briefly described what had happened during this period. Before Celeste could turn the conversation to her thoughts of him, the Queen's decree came: to summon Colonel Jedisaker to a meeting to discuss strategies for dealing with the current tense situation. Alas, I thought she was just a humble maid,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, but she turned out to be. Queen of Apia! Her husband was Helen's enemy who killed her father. What should she do? Also, before she met herself, she was a virgin. Looks like Cleopatra's secret is true. Jed remembered unexpectedly what Cleo had said:. cbiesautomotive.com