The military wedding is provocative

However, the words all point to this, but the two people did not have the slightest movement, regardless of whether it is Xie Mingcheng or Xing Xiaojiu, two people are sullen to think about their own things, who did not speak again, let them perform there.


However, the words all point to this, but the two people did not have the slightest movement, regardless of whether it is Xie Mingcheng or Xing Xiaojiu, two people are sullen to think about their own things, who did not speak again, let them perform there. What do you call this?! No matter how stormy you are, I will not move! They are cruel! On this side, Sanqi Xiaomei, who was playing with Wei Shuzi, was eating snacks, infected with his father's bad water, and ran to Xing Xiaojiu with a greasy face. Little aunt, are they talking about my uncle, little girl, why don't you speak. Holding Sanqi on his body and sitting down, Xing Xiaojiu touched her tender little face with an indifferent expression: "I don't know, maybe your father is going to find you a stepfather." Do not make small temper, also do not answer back, but Xing Xiaojiu suddenly so not anxious not slow to return a sentence, like a heavy bomb thrown at her eldest brother, make Wei Liao directly burst out laughing. Sure enough, a father and mother gave birth to, enough ruthless enough! On the other hand, Master Xing, who was hit by a bomb,plastic bulk containers, did not show any dissatisfaction on his face, and his tone of voice was very gentle. However, everyone who knew him understood that Chief Xing was very, very unhappy. "Nonsense. It seems that I really have to marry you early, so as not to speak in the end for a day." Did not look at him, Xing Xiaojiu also did not speak, just touch the hair of 37, all over the face indifferent. Captain Xie, who used to be calm and restrained, was severely choked by his words. He glanced at Xing Xiaojiu lightly,plastic pallet suppliers, took a deep breath, adjusted his mood, and suddenly said, "Boss, I have something to say.." Looking up, Master Xing's eyes strafed him sharply and nodded disapprovingly. Tell me The little girl's heart was like a deer scurrying around, and even the action of Master Wei's smoking stopped. Everyone wants to know what technical words Captain Xie, who has been holding his breath for a long time, is going to say. But left and right, left and right, and finally he hung his head and said, "." The water is cold. I'll make it hot. This remark is shocking and earth-shaking. His face was gloomy, and Master Xing was so angry with him that his teeth were itching. He looked at him coldly and clenched his teeth word by word. Thank you! Wei Liao, who had already suffered internal injuries, was stunned for a long time. He wished he could give this brother a kick and wake up his elm head. "Chengzi, I really want to open your head and see how such creative words come out.." The choked little girl collapsed on the sofa for a long time, unable to say a word, only the soft little girl lying on her body was very happy, collapsible pallet box ,drum spill pallet, nodded appreciatively, bent over her sister-in-law's ear and giggled, "Little aunt, this uncle Xie is really humorous.." Humor?! It's stupid. Looking at Xie Mingcheng who turned around and poured water, Xiao Jiu had at least ten thousand kinds of entanglements in his heart. ———— With the help of Shu Shuang, the dinner of forsythia is not as difficult as I imagined. After all, everyone is too familiar to be familiar with, and there is no need to make every dish like a flower. Cut, fry, braise, steam, explode.. The kitchen is also very busy. Seeing her little quietness, the cool girl who was very expert suddenly said something with technical content, "I said Lianzi, why are you walking strangely today?"? Something's wrong! What do you mean professional? Shuang Niu, this is called a profession. She used to be an old lady. Her eyes were so poisonous. She added, "I was drilled by your man last night, right?"? Look at your legs. Embarrassed red all over his face, Forsythia looked down at himself, where is what is not discouraged? "Don't set me up there. It's all right!" "Ya still does not admit it, others can not see, I can not know?"? Really, there is nothing to be ashamed of with me. Hey, can you see that your man is very strong in bed? Forsythia a listen, silent, feel that face burning like hot! Does this guy really see it?! That's the truth. She was uncomfortable when she got up in the morning. Last night, she was really upset by the man, but her conscious posture was no different. "How can you see that?" "What do I do in technology?" Cool girl is very calm. Forsythia also do not know what she said dry procuress, or dry agent, but no matter what line, she first had to change the topic: "Do you think Captain Xie and Xiao Jiu can not?" "You can do it!" “…… I hope your major works. "Of course!"! Ha ha ha Shuang Niu is happy, looking at her red face, naturally know her purpose of changing the topic, also not ashamed of her, along her topic to chat again. The two women chatted about their work, their children and their husbands, and soon the table was filled with all kinds of dishes. In fact, the restaurant in Jingli is seldom so lively. In the past, most of the time there were only three people in their family, but tonight there was a sudden surge of 12345678 people, and the excitement was not only relaxing for adults, but also for Sanqi and Wei Shuzi, who were so happy that they screamed in a noisy way that the atmosphere was even better. Friends get together, is always a pleasant thing, talk and laugh noisy, then the table naturally became a unique landscape. With food, naturally there must be wine, Wei Liao will Xing Ye that wine cabinet collection of good wine out of a few bottles, look like that is ready not to get drunk! I don't know whether it was a compliment or a sincere appreciation of the colorful dishes on the table, but in short, everyone ate straight into their mouths, praising their sister-in-law for her good cooking. Of course, being praised is always like, forsythia ears up to listen to the wind, the heart is not beautiful, but raised eyebrows to look at the man next to see the unknown cooking, that undisguised little face is full of endless pride,plastic pallet crates, eyebrows and fundus are full of hey hey hey. How's it going? To outsiders, this is to ask how Xing Yecai is. Only he knows that his wife is provoking him. How about it? If you don't cook, I will take all the credit. Little woman's mind!.