Flowers bloom one after another.

Baili Tu Su coughed, stepped back, put the burning silence in front of him, and silently recited the pithy formula.


Baili Tu Su coughed, stepped back, put the burning silence in front of him, and silently recited the pithy formula. Suddenly, a red circle appeared at Ziyin's feet, temporarily binding his actions. This is In amazement, Baili Tu Su swung his sword. Ziyin waved his sword horizontally in the air until the blue light flew out of the body of Gu Jun's sword and entangled Baili Tu Su. Before he could react, he pressed him straight down and fell to the ground. Baili Tu Su steadied his body and knelt on one knee, unable to help covering his chest, this is. The strength of the Master, the strength of the Sword Immortal. "Little Sue!" Ling Sha was frightened. Zi Yin brandished his sword to break the law array of the hundred-mile Tu Su. He turned his head in the air and smiled at her. "I'm going to see him. Don't worry, Ling." He landed on the ground, put away his sword, walked up to Baili Tu Su, and held out his hand to him. But the latter suddenly reached out and hit him in the chest (don't think about it askew), five fingertips slightly gathered, pulled to the distance, and a black gas slowly ran out of Ziyin's chest. He withdrew his hand, pressed it fiercely on his chest, and coughed lightly. Ziyin shook his head. Suction brake.. Did you make this plan from the beginning? Baili Tu Su was silent. But why bother? I don't need you. Purple Yin shook his head, like a sigh,ibc spill pallet, like sad. Besides, aren't you giving me one less excuse to molest Ling? Baili Tu Su covered his chest and said, "Master was in a dream that day. In order to save his disciples, he was haunted by a nightmare, which has not been really resolved." After a pause, he said, "Now.." The disciple was able to absorb the evil spirit freely because of the power of burning silence after the release of the seal, so he dared to try to help the Master get rid of the evil spirit.. Nurturing deep grace is hard to repay. Perhaps this is the only and last thing a disciple can do for the Master. Ziyin Zhenren:.. I'm wrong. I'm no longer your master. He turned around. That empty and bright magic sword. Make very good,collapsible pallet box, thought with your aptitude also need a year and a half to understand, but unexpectedly so unexpected... He shook his head, his hands on his back, and his voice was cold. "In the past, although you wanted to be strong, your heart was still confused. You held a sword in your hand, but there was no sword in your heart.". Now, you have found your heart. Even if you are waving the sword to the former master, because of the strong mind, the hand holding the sword is also very firm, which really makes me very gratified. Baili Tu Su couldn't help saying, "Master.." Zi Yin interrupted him and motioned to him not to say, "The softest thing in the world is the strongest thing in the world.". You have realized the way of swordsmanship. I have nothing to teach you. In this battle, Ziyin Zhenren can't stop Baili Tu Su. Go down the mountain by yourself. Baili Tu Su hung his head and said.. Thank you, Master! "As for the disaster along the coast, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet bins, Ling Yue has asked the Headmaster to take some of his disciples to various cities and towns to help prevent it. He will leave in a few days." "Elder Martial Brother he." Baili Tu Su was startled, and immediately felt an indescribable emotion in his heart, and was about to leave. He sighed, but said nothing after all. He put the sword of burning silence back on his back again. He knelt on his knees, slowly facing Ziyin's back, put his hands on the ground, hung his head, and solemnly knelt down, just as he had done when he first started his apprenticeship. Ziyin could not help but close his eyes and did not look at the figure he left. I wish. You can build a future for yourself. Little Ziyin..!! Lingsha used Shenxing to come down from the top of the hill and threw herself straight into his arms. "You two are good!"! Play in full swing, see my heart hanging up! Thump, thump, thump! “…… I'm fine, he's fine. With a wry smile, Ziyin hugged Lingsha, touched her hair, and bowed her head and kissed her on the ear. "Han Su Zhenren appeared beside them and smiled." Their feelings are still so good. " "Where? The headmaster laughs." With a happy smile, Ziyin put her arm around Lingsha's shoulder, and there was no self-deprecation in her expression. I have the honor to watch this battle in my life, and I dare not say what swordsmanship is. "Han Suzhen touched his white beard." I was quite puzzled before. Why did the Sword Elder not allow Baili Tu Su to try his sword with other disciples? Now I understand.. He If given time, I don't know how strong it will become. As he spoke, he sighed, "Such a young man with a sharp sword must have disdained to do dark things." The old man had misunderstood him a lot, and he was really ashamed. "That's nature!"! Little Sue is so kind, but you still refuse to listen to his explanation, forcing him down the mountain, which is called the heart of a child, the belly of a gentleman! Ling Sha poked her head out of Ziyin's arms and made a face at him. He smiled helplessly. "Ling, don't make trouble." "Lingsha girl is also right," Han Su real person is not very mind, "but unfortunately, three days later he will be scattered soul. Old man. I'm afraid I'll never have a chance to listen to his explanation and say sorry to him. When Ling Sha and Zi Yin heard this, they looked at each other and smiled. Now Just keep it a secret! This work originates from Jinjiang Literature City. Welcome to visit the to watch more good works. Chapter 45 the forty-third sentence breaks in the rain. In the dark sky, there were thin raindrops, and the distant sea was covered with a layer of fog, which could not be seen clearly. Xiangling and Lansheng stood under the eaves to shelter from the rain. Perhaps can not bear this uncomfortable silence, Xiangling first opened his mouth and said, "Rain." It's finally a little smaller. Fang Lansheng nodded, "It rained so heavily yesterday, and the sea was so stormy. I heard the boss say that two days ago, several big boats were overturned, and no one dared to go to sea." Yin Qianyuan, that bastard, said there was a disaster along the coast, and it was true! Xiangling touched the braid on her shoulder and asked in a low voice, ".." He Did you go to repair the dam with Lansheng and Uncle Xiang before? Fang Lansheng nodded, "Of course, the dam needs to be repaired. If it can be built higher and more firmly, in case there is any catastrophe on the sea,secondary containment pallet, maybe it can be prevented!"! As for. Yin Qianyuan, he. His tone changed. Hum, does he think that this will make up for his mistakes? 。