Zombie Avenue

"Hey, Zhao Dongming, what's wrong?"? Surprised to see me? Don't forget, I knew Ling Fan was a zombie before you did.


"Hey, Zhao Dongming, what's wrong?"? Surprised to see me? Don't forget, I knew Ling Fan was a zombie before you did. Ao Jun looked at the suffocating Zhao Dongming, immediately smirked, he liked to see Zhao Dongming's suffocating appearance, the more Zhao Dongming did, the happier he was. You?? "Zhao Dongming immediately angry knot, but after hearing Aojun's words, the heart is a surprise, Aojun once in the stiff door position is a little higher than him, naturally know about the stiff door that order, and now Aojun betrayed the stiff door, about the action against the people who have two identities of zombies and monks, will certainly be obstructed by Aojun. Ao Jun paid no more attention to Zhao Dongming. He turned and looked at Ling Fan, who was still in consternation. He joked, "What's wrong?"? Boy, aren't you happy to see me? "Why did you suddenly appear here?" Ling Fan did not care about Ao Jun's teasing, still in shock, he almost blurted out the question. Why can't I be here? Don't forget that I still owe you a favor. What I don't like most is to owe others a favor. That's why I'm here. Ao Jun said ambiguously. Seeing Ao Jun's expression, Ling Fan also knew that he couldn't find out why, so instead of asking him why he was here, he turned to ask: "Are you sure to deal with a group of them alone?" This is what Ling Fan is most concerned about now. This?? "Ao Jun a pair of coy embarrassed appearance, see Ling Fan's heart hung up again, finally Ao Jun hands a spread, helpless way:" This I do not know. " "??" Ling Fan was speechless directly. However, he still has confidence in Ao Jun, because he was lucky to see his power in the purgatory of the dead, especially his ability to move, which amazed Ling Fan. In contrast, just survived the blue wind and green Kun several people at this time is still sweating, a little collapse feeling,DIN screw plug, who do not want to die, but just now they walked in the gate of death, no wonder this expression. Still rejoicing, however, they suddenly thought of Zhao Dongming's mighty blow, even space can be shattered, but that kind of power only the spirit emperor has, but also not the general spirit emperor can have. Think of here, two people almost at the same time full of horror, they thought of the worst situation, but fortunately, Ling Fan did not know where to meet what master, unexpectedly can take Zhao Dongming's angry punch, and do not fall behind, which shows that the sudden appearance of the black-robed man with Zhao Dongming's strength should be equal. But they are not happy, because the other side has ten people, Stainless steel foundry ,Investment casting parts, except for the eight men, with Zhao Dongming status can be one person, which shows that the other side has at least two spirit emperor, they do not believe that only one person in black robes can deal with two spirit emperor. So a little down the heart hung up again, in the face of the spirit of the emperor, they almost only at the mercy of the end. Onlookers at this time the mood is also unique, from Zhao Dongming showed strength, they have faintly guessed that Zhao Dongming is also a spirit emperor, but also the strength of the spirit emperor is not low! Blue Yi, who was in the same position as him, was undoubtedly a spirit emperor, and with the sudden appearance of the black-robed man, there were suddenly three more spirit emperors on the field in an instant! Thinking of these, they gasped, the Great Chu Empire has not appeared for hundreds of years, it is not easy to appear a spirit emperor, but died in the same day, the death of a spirit emperor, ushered in three spirit emperors, I do not know whether it is their blessing or their difficulty. Of course, they didn't know that the three spirit emperors they thought were the fourth generation. If they knew, they would have been scared. The conflict between zombies and monks is enough to make zombies see monks like mice see cats. Similarly, when monks see zombies who are stronger than themselves, mice see cats. Ao Jun, if you retreat today, I can temporarily not liquidate your betrayal of the stiff door, if you continue to die on the stubborn, can not blame me! Zhao Dongming from beginning to end did not look at the same people on the field, his eyes have all shifted from Ling Fan's body to Ao Jun's body. Zhao Dongming, do you think I am a three-year-old child? This kind of trick is also used to deceive me. I tell you clearly that I am in charge of this boy today. Don't press me with the stiff door. Since I dare to betray the stiff door, I have already had the consciousness of death. Unmoved, Ao Jun sneered, "Besides, don't you think you can take my life with your ability?" Ao Jun's words obviously ignored Zhao Dongming. Don't forget that I'm not the only one here. The eight men in black behind me are all my capable men, and the old man next to me is really stiff at the same level as us. Even if you make a move today, you can't stop the boy's fate. When Zhao Dongming saw that Ao Jun didn't take himself seriously, he immediately said angrily. Ao Jun did not care about Zhao Dongming's anger, suddenly turned around and walked to Ling Fan's side, drew a diamond symbol on his right chest, the light of the diamond symbol flashed away, and instantly disappeared into Ling Fan's body. Although Ling Fan did not know why Ao Jun did this, he did not stop him, because at this moment he could only choose to believe in Ao Jun, because he did not even have the strength to resist in front of Zhao Dongming. Then, Ao Jun drew a diamond symbol on the bodies of Lu Kun, Lan Xiaofeng and Meng Yao. Out of trust in Ling Fan, the three of them did not stop it. I have engraved my great moving mark on you. When I fight with them, don't move. I will deal with everything. Ao Jun explained to Ling Fan. Ling Fan nodded and said nothing more. Only then did Ao Jun turn around and look at Zhao Dongming. "Yes or no," he snorted coldly. "Try it and you'll know." "Ha ha??"? I'd like to see it. What's the use of drawing a lot of symbols on them? Zhao Dongming laughed disdainfully at first, and then suddenly his voice was cold: "Brother Lan, let's go together!"! Eight of you, take care of those four! "Yes!" The voices of the eight silver-robed men behind were sonorous and forceful! "Roar!" Zhao Dongming and Lan Yi roared to the sky at the same time,titanium machining parts, their mouths wide open, revealing two sharp teeth, and their pupils turned blue in an instant. The pupils of the eight silver-robed men behind him turned silver. autoparts-dx.com