Runaway concubine and charming wife

Mi Wan and Guo Ying walked toward the king's tent of the Xingchen tribe, and along the way they saw the people who greeted them but looked sad.


Mi Wan and Guo Ying walked toward the king's tent of the Xingchen tribe, and along the way they saw the people who greeted them but looked sad. She felt that it was necessary to let Guo Ying know her situation here, so she said to Guo Ying in Tiande: "Urza has given us a year to take the warriors of the clan to the royal court to participate in the fire worship festival.". So that other tribes can see that our tribe is not easy to bully and take back their eyes on our territory. So this year, not many young and strong people in the clan worked extra hard. At this time, to such a deadly disaster, for us. It is undoubtedly worse. However, Mi Wan's words stopped here. She looked at the sky and raised her lips slightly. "Fortunately, there is a little fairy in Tongtong. God treats us well." These days, Guo Ying has listened to her in bits and pieces about the situation in the tribe, and has a certain understanding, "How can we make other tribes feel that we are not easy to bully?" Mi Wan heard that he counted himself in the tone, slanted his head to look at him, "you are Tiande people.". I still remember that you and Jiang Cheng used to be particularly hostile to the people of Beidi. "Who told you to suddenly become a Beidi man?"? For hundreds of days and nights, I thought about many things. Regardless of national interests, the people of the two countries can clearly live in harmony. You see, in this year, Pingcheng allowed foreigners to stay overnight, but there was still no trouble. Some hatred, I care, but the parties do not care, so my care has become a joke. He felt that he pulled,CNC machining parts, and pulled the conversation back, "Wan, you haven't said, how can we make other tribes feel that we are not easy to bully.". Don't think of me as a general of Tiande, I'm just a homeless. His eyes turned and fell on the mangosteen who was leisurely and contented behind them. His lips were slightly hooked. "Meow, you have taken him in. You have to do something to reflect your value." Mi Wan tapped his chest with a small fist. "Don't talk about yourself so pitifully." It was clear that he had his own home and did not return, but it did not make people feel disobedient at all. After a pause, under his insistent eyes,alloy die casting, he said, "Warriors, we need warriors who are stronger than others.". In Beidi, only a tribe with enough powerful warriors is strong enough. Just as a strong country needs a strong enough army to defend its territory. Today, we have Barry, Antu, Temutu and Qi Wei. But Qi Wei is from Tiande, and his mind is still uncertain. Temutu is Urza's son and will leave sooner or later. Before Antu came, it could be said that Barry was the only one to support him. The rest are old, weak, women and children. No matter how strong Barry and Antu are, they can't beat four hands with two fists. That's why we need new warriors who can overwhelm the North Di. In terms of quantity, the more, the better. What do you think of me? Jiang Cheng's strength is no worse than Barry's. Originally upright as a loose backbone, he was pulled straight, die casting parts ,socket screw plug, originally slightly bowed and Mi Wan talk, at this time raised his head, let Mi Wan the first time to think of the cat that he wanted to show off on weekdays. With them, nature is excellent. But he is the general of Tiande, how can he really stay in his own tribe? Even if she wanted to, Urza agreed, how could Tiande give up. She smiled shallowly and looked at him clearly, but the focus of her eyes did not fall on him. That's Barrie's royal tent. Originally, the territory between the two clans was fenced, but Lola thought those things were an eyesore, so they were all removed. Only a monument was erected to mark the boundary line, and the people of the two clans came and went like one clan. Guo Ying was so familiar with her look that she clearly took his words as a joke and did not mean to take them to heart. He exhaled a little loss out of his chest, believing that Mi Wan would understand that he was not joking. Just like it was before. As he spoke, the two men had gone outside the king's tent. Temutu saw them and shook off his face, which was black enough to dye a few bolts of cloth. Barry and others don't look good. Lola whipped a woman angrily and cursed, but no one interceded for her. Mi Wan walked over to Barry. "Did you find out?" Barry glanced at her, then at Guo Ying behind her, and walked into the king's tent without saying a word. Mi Wan and Guo Ying looked at each other and went into the account alone, "Barry." "Am I really wrong to leave the refugees behind?" His voice was very low, as if he were asking himself. Then Mi Wan, who came in with him, listened to half of the story, made a guess, and asked, "Is it related to those refugees?"? The woman? What did she do? It was clear that the woman had not contracted smallpox. Seeing that Barry could hardly speak, Mi Wan turned around and said, "I'm going to ask Antu." "She brought smallpox-infected hijackers into the tribe." Barry made a sound, stopped Mi Wan from going to the layman, and continued, "Ah Wan, you guessed right.". When the people of the tribe came back, the refugees would not ignore them. When the people came, they were hot. She brought them back and hid them in the tent without telling us. Mi Wan: "Where is that man?" "Dead.". He had a rash, just like the people who got sick later, and soon died. Ma Zhen buried him quietly, thinking that nothing would happen, and before long, the clan began to heat up one after another. Barry murmured with remorse. Ma Zhen is the name of this woman. Mi Wan wanted to comfort him, but when the words came to his mouth, he suddenly thought of another question, "He was sick as soon as he came, who poisoned him?" Barry paused. "Isn't that the woman?" Mi Wan lifted his legs and walked out. "If it's her, why should she stay here and wait to be captured alive?"? I'm afraid there's something we don't know. Barry stared and followed him out. If this woman, in addition to taking in smallpox patients and not reporting them, also poisoned her people, it would be an unforgivable crime! But if it was just a coincidence that the crisis of the people had not been completely lifted, he could not just think about chagrin and anger at this time. Mi Wan grabbed the whip stained with Ma Zhen's flesh and blood and stopped Lola from continuing to fight. Frown mercilessly, good pain ah! But at this time Ma Zhen,metal stamping parts, already only has the air intake, does not see the air out, is unable to answer her question.